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Aug 31, 2012 10:00pm PDT
that the united states has been, you know, i view us, our state and the country in effect a team, and i've played a lot of sports in my life, and i know you have too. if your team is going to win everybody's going to win. i always felt as if the extreme bifurcation of outcomes that happened is something that's very dangerous and negative for our society. >> do you have a negative view of government as some do, or do you have a very positive view of governments while in job creation creating conditions that support job creators and investments like your company are making every day? >> well, i have the, you know, luxury or advantage of having been able to invest around the world for a long time, and i've seen a lot of governments. so for all the people of the united states who think that government is a negative and it's irand you don't really need government, i would suggest that they take their hard-earned savings and move to any one of a number of countries which i don't want to be rude and name where there is no effective rule of law and explain to me how government doesn't really help. becaus
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
in little united states? >> still only about 30% in most doctors offices and part of the challenge is my friend dr. dean, we don't practice evidence-based medicine, we practice reimbursement based medicine for those doctors that didn't grow up on ipads it's easier to scribble a note down and see your information. it's starting to shift par sh*eu partially through obama incentive they are paying to shift to electronic. enabling to do it online for free on the web and that shift starting to happen. and that creates this new opportunity to have the power of not just medical information and data, to make it useful to the clinician and patient to give new visibility. electronic medical record should be electronic medical system and that's why in of these incentives have been in place to move the shift. once the incentive is there it's easier if doctors to do it the old fashioned way. >> gavin: once you have the actual data, health history it's more than just a way of having a virtual file cabinet. it can be used in what ways to make
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
morgan estimates the iphone 5 sales could have boost united states economic output by .5 point. we asked miguel what it all means. miguel, it's great to have you on the show. big announcement, one it frankly feels like we knew about apple's new iphone 5. you were there. tell me about it. >> so this phone is an evolution, it's not a revolution, but there are a lot of things that he improved. you have a slightly bigger phone, slightly thinner. it's lighter. the camera is better. once you improve loft things a little bit, you end up with a pretty different product an improve the product. you take take a toyota and streamline the body and you end up with a lexus. that's what happened here. >> dramatic improvement on what is mostly perceived or most of the pundits would agree say the disappoint of the last reiteration of the iphone. >> last year they introduced a phone just like the previous one. it sold like crazy. the stock went up 70% in the last year. with these improvements i think they did what they needed to do in terms of keeping the momentum going. >> display from 3.5 to 4 inches. th
Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm PDT
thoroughly scrutinized by regulators in the united states and europe as a private company. >> gavin: of course. >> even my joke was we were the most public, private company in history. there was a secondary market where people were buying and selling shares in facebook. there was the amount of attention that was directed at us whenever there was some kind of transaction whether it was an acquisition or an investment. just this extraordinary attention. now, obviously the dynamics have changed a little. but it's not as if, you know, we woke up one morning and all of a sudden you know, we were surprised that people were interested. before -- the day before we went public, we still had hundreds of millions of people using our service every day that's what generates lots of interest and attention. much more than the financial level. >> gavin: mark zuckerberg comes out and gives i thought a very good presentation at tech crunch and clearly the market responded in kind. the stock -- >> it was a pretty remarkable reaction. w
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4